Food delivery app is now the go-to way for businesses to generate more income & amplify their reach. It has also become an essential service for restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. Those without a food delivery app miss out on opportunities to get more sales and new customers.

Nowadays food delivery applications have seen an increase in usage of over 300% per month. This makes businesses now have to establish a partnership with food delivery companies.

Sign up today for FREE on HiMenus to have your business enrolled in to a food delivery application. You might be wondering what makes these apps so successful and how you can use them to grow your sales. Let’s take a look at the top 7 qualities of food delivery apps:

Automated operations

According to a study, 8 out of 10 customers make orders using food delivery apps. If your business isn’t online, there is a 90% chance of you losing your potential customer.

With a food delivery application like HiMenus, you automate operations, and get real-time data analytics. These analytics and reports can help you get insights about your business on what your customers prefer.

This also enables you to create deals and promotions to engage them more and even learn how well your staff responds so that you can track them more. With a food delivery app like HiMenus, you can use their marketing notifications and emails to target their customers.

With these strategy, your restaurant or coffee shop does not only get to reach your own customers but reach a wider scale of audience. Even those who have no clue about your business allowing you to reach a wider audience without having to spend at all.

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Increased customer engagement

With food order management system, your business gets a chance to engage more customers with features like customer referrals, customer loyalty programs, customer feedback and reviews.

With customer referrals and loyalty programs, you can offer customers a discount to any existing customer who refers their friend or family member and also create rewards and loyalty programs which rewards them if they are frequent buyers from your business. With HiMenus restaurant management system, you get the opportunity to create custom loyalty programs for your customer without any charges.

Customer feedback and reviews are another way to engage you’re existing and attract more people. HiMenus provides your customers to enter their remarks within the feedback which can allow you to make necessary changes that help improve your performance and also see what your customers enjoyed, so you could promote them further to get more sales.

Many payment options

Having a food delivery application provides your customers a variety of payment methods when compared to the delivery provided by the restaurants or coffee shops themselves. Ever since the pandemic, online payments have boosted to an all-time high. The major key benefit online ordering software for restaurants have for customers is that they support online payments through debit and credit cards giving them a variety of options to go ahead with their orders.

7 Best Qualities of a Food Delivery App for Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Personalized recommendations for customers

A food delivery application can help you get more reorders because of their algorithm which recommends food items and promotions based on their past orders which gives you a good probability of having a returning customer which is not possible without a food delivery application because it would be impossible to keep a track on what is being bought by each customer.

Tracking orders for customer convenience

Whenever your customers place an order, around 75% or more of them would like updates on their order and this cannot happen with a traditional method such as calling the restaurant or coffee shop every now and then to see the process of their order and that’s why there is a rapid switch towards these food delivery app as they allow customers to track their orders and get instant notifications on where their order is and what is the status about the order. All this tracking is real-time and that’s why are being favored by the customers.

Advanced analytics & reports

Analytics are a key bonus that come up with the use of an online food delivery application. The extra bonus you get with HiMenus for your restaurant is that you can track the busiest hours for your business, followed with what is the average waiting time per order to set up staff timings. The analytics help in identifying customer trends and what type of dish is being preferred to help in forecasting the sales for the coming future and set promotions/offers to generate more traffic towards your menu.

Promotion and upselling

Having your own promotions on new items or offers can impact your sales, but they would not reach its potential unless they spread the word to everyone themselves or run a paid campaign on social media. With a food delivery app, promotion of new products and any discounts can is visible by a vast audience without having the need to go to any customer or even spend without marketing. HiMenus restaurant management software gives you full control over creating different promotions, offers, all at no cost so that you can catch more customers.


Adding a food delivery aspect to your business can be a great way to increase revenue and exposure, especially when done. Utilizing one or more of food delivery apps on the market allows you to capitalize on this growing trend without having to invest in any costly websites or software, assuring you will have more to invest in your business and help it grow.

We suggest signing up on HiMenus, who have their own food delivery and charge no commission from the restaurant for registering nor for using their delivery service. Not only do they have online food ordering, they provide additional features which can give you an entire solution for your restaurant or coffee shop management. They have features like reservation management, employee management, online reports and dashboards for analytics, and also provide a complete digital menu which can be used to say goodbye to the traditional paper menu.

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