The pandemic era changed our lifestyle. In the initial period, human interaction was minimized to stop the Covid-19 virus from spreading. Many new things were introduced, and old habits had to die to accommodate the new restrictions. Many new and innovative methods were tested and applied to reduce human interaction. One such innovative move in the food and hospitality world is the introduction of Pay-At-Table technology.

This means that the customers no longer need to engage their server to place orders or pay their bills. It enables the customer to pay their bill by scanning a QR Code that is placed on the table, or your server can bring you a wireless device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, to pay the bill. A complete solution includes restaurant ordering system and payment by scanning the QR Code.

For maximum utilization of the technology, ensure that your Pay-At-Table technology can be integrated with your Point of Sale, POS system.

Benefits For Customers

This new billing and payment system comes with multiple benefits for both customers and restaurant owners. In this segment, we will discuss how Pay-At-Table affects customers positively.

1.    Security

There is no need to hand over your card to your server. Be secure, knowing that payment and payment mode is in your hand now.

2.    Different modes of payment

Through this system, you can pay in different modes. A well-integrated system allows payment through credit and debit cards, cheques, Apple Wallets, or Samsung play.

3.    Ease in operation

Making payment through this system conveniences the customer by allowing them to split the bills and pay individually through different modes.

HiMenus Pay-At-Table Technology For Every Restaurant


On average, 68% of the diners approved this new order and paid at the table. This is because of the multiple benefits the system allows. Here are a few benefits that provide ease to the restaurant owner.

1.    Increased table turns

It is observed that the old method of delivering the bill and receiving the payment against it involved at least 12 small steps, meaning multiple to-and-fro server trips. This means fewer customers are served, causing a lower table turn. But with this system, the server can concentrate on other customers, increasing table turns (Table served).

2.    Improves customer engagement and loyalty

The servers now have a better chance of being friendly and engaging with customers. This provides a chance for the customer to better absorb the ambiance and appreciate the hospitality. The customers also leave more honest feedback, which means the restaurant owner has a better chance of developing more loyalty programs.

3.    Increased profits

Yes, a satisfied customer means a better flow of customers. This system provides fast operation and hence less waiting time. This means increased table turns and more profits.


Pay-At-Table technology is a new concept, but it has already been well received. Some people consider it a barrier between the customer and the restaurant. Still, the truth is that it has increased customer feedback as customers now give honest feedback to the restaurant. While buying a good system, many things must be kept in mind. Be sure to go to the right vendor to get a good system.

HiMenus is a trusted name in the field of Restaurant Management System. They claim to simplify restaurant management with their user-friendly and fully integrated system. They give you one solution to all your problems without the additional hardware cost.

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