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What is HiMenus Restaurant Management System?

A reliable hotel and restaurant management system that offers a wide range of high-quality options for restaurant, hotels and coffee shop business owners to manage their business from one solution without any additional hardware cost. HiMenus enables restaurant owners, customers, waiters, kitchen staff, and riders to use their personal devices to use the restaurant management software and to monitor their status with a smart dashboard.


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Advantages of Restaurant Management System

Interactive QR For Each Table

Improve Your Customer Experiences In Easy Steps With Easy Navigation & Browsing Digital Menus. Save Customer Time And Response Time

Waiter Digital Menu Table

Simply Take Order For Any Table Or Any Customer. Easy To Update Orders Or Cancel Any Time Providing Better Response Time For Customer Calls

Payments Managements

Customer Request For Payments Invoice In Order To Pay Online With Additional Bonus Of Splitting or Merging Bills

Manage and Mix Available Tables

User-friendly table management system for restaurants. Register tables, make them combinable. Combine tables for seamless reservations. Know availability at a glance.

Integrated Table Management System

HiMenus software: real-time queue, reservation, and table management. Quick communication for faster service and shorter wait times.

Increase Attendance by Accelerating Table Turns

Track accessible tables with HiMenus. Show available times to guests. Control table duration.

HiMenus Application Screens

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Yes, HiMenus can be integrated seamlessly in more than 30 POS systems, so digital orders integrate into your existing processes.

Yes, HiMenus offers to the owner account access to allows him to easily manage all their staff and restaurant digital menu (content).

Yes, HiMenus can be integrated with a fleet management software & delivery service provider to enable the fulfillment of your delivery orders.

HiMenus can offer some extra service to allow your developers to integrate all features into your existing application.

HiMenus is now available on Android & iOS

HiMenus Restaurant management system features gives you, the options to manage orders, menus, employees, reservations and tables with ease. It enables your staffs to give great customer service to every customer.

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