Most cities’ luxury dining scenes change quite fast, but few changes as swiftly as the ever-changing emirate of Dubai. Dubai’s best restaurants are of the highest quality, both gastronomic and aesthetically, with many offerings breathtaking views of the sea or the city. To make your planning easier, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite spots organised by cuisine. In Dubai, there’s an amazing mix of local-style eating options, from traditional-themed restaurants selling spicy stews or full breakfast platters to low-key cafés providing delectable pieces of bread, pastries, and dates with iconic qahwa Arabic coffee. Here is a short selection of the 10 best restaurants in Dubai if you are searching for restaurants near me that provide great local food and unique dining experiences.

1.    Barbaros

Barbaros Restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Dubai offers diners a unique and delicious culinary experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Their homemade Tunisian menu expertly showcases various flavours to please even the most discerning foodie. Each meal is carefully cooked using only the freshest ingredients and spices, bringing out the full depth of traditional Tunisian cuisine. The attentive staff take pride in providing excellent service to ensure a wonderful dining experience each time, creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages customers to return again and again. Barbaros Restaurant truly offers a one-of-a-kind experience that no other establishment can match.

2.   Masmat Al Moez

Masmat Al Moez Restaurant in Dubai is known for its unique take on Emirati cuisine. Located in Al Souq Al Kabeer, UAE, the restaurant offers classic and modern dishes, ranging from traditional flavours such as those found in lamb ouzi to daring fusion creations like deep-fried falafel balls. The ambience at this local institution is cosy and welcoming, with a blend of natural materials such as wood and neutral colours creating an inviting atmosphere. Guests can explore international favourites and Gulf-inspired specialities, all cooked over an open flame cooking station for an aroma and flavour that can’t be found anywhere else.

3.   Cafe Khachapuri

Cafe Khachapuri is another top restaurants in Dubai an Eastern European restaurant located in Dubai. This eatery offers an authentic taste of Eastern Europe with its wide range of classic dishes from countries such as Georgia, Russia, and Poland. The menu features delicious specialities like Georgian Khachapuris (oven-baked bread filled with cheese and butter) and other savoury options like Russian-style pelmeni dumplings and Polish pierogie. Customers can also enjoy homemade pastries and cakes baked daily in their own cake shop – a perfect way to end any meal! Aside from traditional mains, Cafe Khachapuri also offers a selection of beverages, including local beers and wines typically found in the region’s markets. Dedicated to offering high-quality food at affordable prices, visitors will leave the cafe happy with their culinary experience.

4.   Culinare

Culinaire is one of best restaurants in Dubai that is an acclaimed restaurant specialising in Asian and Indian cuisine with a modern twist. From succulent entrées to freshly made continental desserts, their menu offers a variety of savoury and sweet options for even the most discerning palate. Each dish is created using only top-notch ingredients, making every item incredibly flavorful. Featuring authentic Indian spices such as cardamom, cumin, garam masala and black pepper, each meal can be tailored to suit the diner’s tastes. Their selection of cake & pastry treats provides the perfect way to finish any meal at Culinaire Dubai – from traditional favourites like mango mousse or a tiramisu to more adventurous offerings like Black Forest cake or cinnamon almond brownies.

5.    Bait Al Reef

Bait Al Reef, one of the best restaurants in Dubai, is a leading authentic Arabic and Lebanese cuisine provider in the United Arab Emirates. Located in one of the city’s lively retail and entertainment districts, Bait Al Reef collaborates with local suppliers to source high-quality ingredients for its deliciously traditional dishes. From stews, grilled meats, and succulent seafood to accompaniments such as salads and dips – Bait Al Reef captures the essence of Mediterranean flavours with each mouthful. Specialities such as their famous Shawarma rolls or Manakeesh speciality pies go hand-in-hand with their large selection of fresh teas and pastries – making it the perfect spot for regional favourites or a unique culinary experience in the heart of Dubai.

6.   Kuliner Nusantara

Kuliner Nusantara is an Indonesian, Singaporean, and Malaysian restaurant in the UAE that distributes across Umm Hurair 2. Although they have a variety of cuisines and meals to pick from, such as Indonesian, Singaporean, and Malaysian, their selling dishes include Bakwan, Ayam Bakar Set, Ayam Penyet Set, and Ayam Cili Ijo.

7.    Nargileci Eleven

Nargileci Eleven Dubai is a unique fusion of Mediterranean Turkish and Arabic cuisines, offering an unprecedented culinary experience. It is one of the top restaurants in Dubai that imports speciality ingredients from both regions to offer traditional dishes such as Manti Dumplings, Shish Kebab, and mixed hummus with kofta, as well as authentic desserts like baklava and sutlac. In addition to these traditional specialities, the restaurant offers an ever-evolving selection of creative dishes featuring contemporary recipes for grilled octopus, stuffed eggplant parcels, and lamb rib-eye served on fresh flatbread. Thriving on fusion flavours, Nargileci Eleven provides an incredible blend of two distinct global cuisines in one modern-day dining destination.


Yanshuang is a Chinese restaurant catering to both meat-eaters and vegetarians, where you can enjoy a variety of Chinese dishes and desserts. The menu offers authentic Chinese food with quality ingredients.

9.   Taj Al Mulok

Taj Al Mulok Restaurant Dubai is a well-established destination for diners looking for an incredible variety of Multi-Cuisine options. The restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat buffet spread with options ranging from traditional Indian, Thai, Lebanese and Chinese cuisines to delectable desserts and beverages, including freshly prepared juices. Guests can enjoy high-quality food in comfortable settings without breaking the bank, as Taj Al Mulok also provides budget-friendly offers on buffets throughout the week. Further adding to the great experience is the friendly and helpful service staff who are always there to ensure visitors have a pleasant dining experience each time they visit. Taj Al Mulok Restaurant Dubai is an excellent choice for anyone seeking delicious Multi-Cuisine dishes in an enjoyable atmosphere.

10.  Zefki Restaurant

When you’re looking for one of the top restaurants in Dubai, must tryZefki Levantine Eatery that offer a wide range of culinary styles. This restaurant specialises in Mediterranean, Turkish, and Middle Eastern dishes that suit any palate. The dishes there have come to taste like home for many locals thanks to the attention to detail by Zefki specialists.

Finish Up of Best Restaurants in Dubai

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