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HiMenus offers a state-of-the-art order management system for your restaurant. With HiMenus your order from start to end is processed systematically. The amount of detailing we have added to this feature is not only helpful for the customer but also for the restaurant. This feature will make sure that you never mess up an order because of human error or miscommunication. Our restaurant order management software caters to all three types of orders dine-in, take away, and home delivery. It will ensure that your restaurant order management will go on smoothly no matter how busy the place is. Here are some of the details of functionalities we provide in different ordering systems.

Restaurant Dine-in Order Management​

Our system makes your restaurant’s order-taking system automated and advanced. The customer just needs to scan the QR code that is present on the table that will take him to the app and if not installed to the web page.
The Restaurant QR code ordering is amazing in so many aspects because just a scan will take the client directly to the restaurant’s menu page on which he can browse and select dishes and then with the bell icon on the cart screen call the waiter to process further order.
Everything is linked because the Restaurant QR ordering from the table will automatically assign a waiter to said table. Even if a customer doesn’t want to wait for a server he can avail QR order menu and use a mobile application or web page to go ahead with the order and payment.

Restaurant Takeaway Management

Restaurant Take Away Order Management

Just like QR ordering from a restaurant table, HiMenus provides you with a generic QR code for your restaurant. A customer can scan the code from the restaurant’s banner while sitting in the car and use the option to order online by adding the items in the cart and using the takeaway option, pay through the phone, and collect the food. It is so easy and any client can enjoy the hassle-free restaurant order management system.

Restaurant Delivery Order Management

The order management of food delivery is difficult to be done manually because of the order mix-ups so with HiMenus restaurant order management software you can manage all of the delivery orders at the restaurant efficiently. When a customer selects the food delivery option the app lands him in the address field, adds the address, logs in by using email or social media, and pays through its desired payment option.

With HiMenus restaurant order management system the possibilities are endless and you can do order management like never before.

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