A Cloud kitchen is a kind of commercial kitchen that is specific only to deliver delicious Food instead of dining. It is involved in expanding the existing food point and making it an online food takeaway spot.

In Dubai, a cloud kitchen could be set up by following up the basic to high-level steps needed to design it. It is something like walking day by day and step by step. It is highly popular in Dubai in terms of the food chain.

A step-by-step guide to setting up a cloud kitchen

Following is the stepwise guide for setting up a cloud kitchen in Dubai.

1.      Name of the project (cloud Kitchen)

While planning to design a project in Dubai to execute it accordingly, it needs a specific title or name. Specifically for the cloud kitchen setup, the owner must choose the restaurant’s name.

The name is selected first because at the time of getting the license or registry of the cloud kitchen name is passed if it is according to the rules and regulations.

2.      Design a structure for a cloud kitchen

At the very first step, it is important to decide the overall structure of the cloud kitchen. It will help to decide whether an existing restaurant will be expanded or launched exactly new.

After choosing a structural design for the project cloud kitchen, it needs to be registered by a Limited liability Company and Zone-free Company or for sponsorship.

3.      Select a site to build a kitchen

The second thing is to choose a suitable site to execute the designed structure of the cloud kitchen. In Dubai, Site selection for cloud kitchen setup requires;

  • Wide area with the best access to Food for most people.
  • A commercial area because more people interact. In commercial areas, people from other parts of the city visit for shopping, increasing profit. Otherwise, the residential area is not suitable and profitable too.
  • The selected area should have normal rent so the project can become cost-effective.

A cloud kitchen is very beneficial because it does not need a big investment in its launch. It could be started initially by sharing the cooking area of some other food points.

4.      Kitchen tools for cooking

After finalizing the building site according to the planned design, it needs to be finalizing the required tools for cooking.

Initially, at the time of launching, certain limited dishes would be served because of the small team and area may be. The equipment could be bought by considering the convenience and fast service.

There must be a need for a cutting board, knives, refrigerator, and, most importantly, a cooking range initially to start the setup.

5.      Accessories for delivering Food

As a cloud kitchen is a take-away food point instead of a dining so needs proper packing of food after cooking to deliver it safely to the customer. A cloud kitchen in Dubai needs food packing that indicates the particular food brand.

Therefore, while planning to set up a cloud kitchen, it will interact with some logo designers for a specific logo formation. Also, packing bags and boxes are designed specifically not only for safe delivery but also for popularity.

6.      A team for cooking and delivering the Food

A cloud kitchen or food delivery point always needs a working team with some expertise. According to the expertise of the people, they are divided into two further teams.

One team is specified for cooking and one for delivering it to the customers.


Cloud kitchen set up in Dubai is the best initiator with cloud kitchen management system for the people who want to work under self-employment.

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