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Find all the questions you need to get to know more about our restaurant management system

Yes, HiMenus can be integrated seamlessly in more than 30 POS systems, so digital orders integrate into your existing processes.

HiMenus offers native Mobile apps and a Web app.

Self-order design yes, we can design the costumer interface according to your guidelines. Self-payment design no, we cannot because the template and design are coming from the payment gateway provider.

Yes, HiMenus offers to the owner account access to allows him to easily manage all his staff and menu (content).

Each shop (branch) will have a separate account with separate subscription.

HiMenus can operate in most of the known languages.

We do not provide the hardware ourselves, however we have a some incredible hardware partners can integrate our software seamlessly.

We support card payments, and cash on delivery payments. We are continuously adding more payment methods.

Yes, HiMenus can be integrated with a fleet management software & delivery service provider to enable the fulfillment of your delivery orders.

Yes, HiMenus can be deployed in any market and in any language. Because each account will have a different account with a different subscription.

All the orders and the data from guests is captured in the back-end to allow you to engage with your customers again or to send customized offers.

HiMenus operates as a platform to help the business owners in providing a contactless service to their customers. For that HiMenus charges an amount per each account according to your chosen package.

HiMenus can offer some extra service to allow your developers to integrate all features into your existing application.

All orders from HiMenus goes to the waiters to accept it. Then it will go to your existing printers / kitchen display (together with all your POS orders). On the other hand, we will notify your customers when their order is ready or has been attended.

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