The decision of what to eat and where is the toughest to make especially when you have so many choices. UAE is a place of diversity and here you can have almost all the cuisines from the world. The amount of restaurants here is insane and choosing one for your day out is harder than you think. Selecting a restaurant that suits the preference of your cuisine and comes right under your budget every time you dine in is difficult.

So, we decided to help you in this regard and made a list so that you can choose a restaurant from the best possible options. The best part is all of them are available on HiMenus so you can easily make an online reservation which saves you the hassle of waiting for the table to get ready.

1. Kitchen 6

Kitchen 6 is an award-winning international restaurant that is well known for its continental variety. Its amazing live kitchen is worth your visit in which you can see the chefs in action in six interactive live cooking stations. They have amazing food which includes Asian cuisine, Middle Eastern grills, and European and Indian specialties. The dishes are mouth-watering and served piping hot from live cooking stations which makes your time extremely memorable there.

2. Al Bait Al Shami

Al Bait Al Shami has got all your Arabic and Syrian food cravings covered. They served the most delicious dishes in a peaceful and calming environment. There are even play areas in some of the branches so the little ones can have some fun and you can sit back and relax while eating. Their Arabic sweets are amazing and have a distinct signature flavor that is hard to resist.

3. Ibrahimi Restaurant

If you are looking for real Pakistani and Indian taste then Ibrahimi restaurant is where you should head to. The variety of dishes from the Indo Pak region will welcome you with their delicious aroma and heavenly taste. You can enjoy as much tea as you want in the buffet with light snacks or a full-fledged traditional meal. Their sweets section is the show stopper with the tasty and soft Gulab Jamuns being the most loved dish.

4. Turkish Kitchen Sheraton

Discover the joy of eating out at Turkish Kitchen Sheraton with stunning city views and lovely flavors of Turkish cuisine. The amazing assortment of salads, pies, and grills with live entertainment will make your time there extra memorable and fulfilled. Enjoy the Turkish tea post-dinner for an extra relaxing experience with stunning views. 

5. Caravan Al Maamzim

Enjoy your food at Caravan Al Maamzim and get the best multi-cuisine experience you can get. The buffet consists of delicious Indian, Chinese, Thai, Continental, and Arabic dishes so you can get the best food from the world in one place. The place has quite a reputation so make sure you book a table beforehand to make sure you get the table.

6. Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds offer the most amazing deals with the most stunning views. The buffet there is versatile and extremely delicious. You have to visit there to eat their yummiest variety of food with palm views and the deals that they are offering on different days make this place a must-visit one.

7. Aloft Hotel

Owned by Marriott Aloft hotels is a name of quality and it offers multi cuisines in one place. It serves great food in a nice contemporary setting. The fresh approach of the hotel industry is very lively and a perfect combination of the traditional hotel landscape with a modern food twist. It is a must-visit place for its service and hospitality.

8. Grand Mercure Hotel

Make your taste buds thank you with delicious food. This place serves many different specialties which include lamb ouzi, and Mezze on the table, a variety of Middle Eastern dishes, and the amazing signature dessert platter. Everything goes so well together and you will no doubt enjoy the food at Grand Mercure Hotel.

9. Spice Island

Spice Island offers a large food choice to you which includes everything from seafood to Middle Eastern, Arabic, and Indian food. The variety of beverages this place offers is a plus point too and you will enjoy the food more with them.

10. Truck Adda

Experience authentic Lahori taste in the most amazing environment of Truck Adda restaurant. Their lamb and bbq dishes are to die for and you will enjoy them if you have a craving for authentic Pakistani spices.