In this world of technology, every industry needs specialized systems to make its business affairs better and smooth. The restaurant industry is no different in this regard and according to research almost 80% of restaurant management are seeking technological help to provide a better and faster service. As we know that the future of the restaurant industry is digital and customers now want to use their smartphones for everything. COVID and the worldwide pandemic made people realize that they can do everything within the comfort of their homes so now they want to sit back and relax and let technological advancement do its magic.

HiMenus is a restaurant management software that is designed to help restaurants run their daily tasks efficiently. It is effective for restaurant management but the quality that makes it even better is that it facilitates the customers as well. HiMenus is much more than a mere restaurant management system because it has a lot more to offer when it comes to the customers. It is basically a bridge between customers and restaurants that help both to the best of its capacity. Usually, restaurant management system is designed for industrial benefits but this system is different because it helps both parties equally. Here are some of the features that HiMenus is offering for its customers.

1. Online Reservation

HiMenus offers easy restaurant reservations for its customers, you just need to set the cuisine type you want or the area in which you want to dine in, and voila you will get the list of top-notch restaurants. You can then select a time and place and book right away. It’s that simple, no need to call and book manually. Reservation can be done on the same day or days in advance which is totally up to the customer’s preference. You get the confirmation message and the app even sends you a reminder notification so you do not miss the reservation. It is easy, convenient, and very useful for those who want to have an uninterrupted and relaxing time while dining out.

Online Reservation with HiMenus

2. Scan For Menu

With HiMenus you do not need to wait for the server to bring you the menu instead you can scan the QR code presented at the table and get the menu on your phone. This will not only save time but makes it easier for you to decide what to order. With a digital menu, you will also be able to order through your device even beforehand.

3. Multiple Options

There are many restaurants listed on HiMenus so you get a lot of delicious food options to choose from. There is a whole section for the buffets from which you can select your favorite one. You can filter out restaurants based on location, mode of eating like dine-in or delivery, and type of cuisine. These filters are there to help you decide what you want to eat.

4. Table Management

HiMenus offers impeccable table management and that is why it reflects in the higher customer satisfaction ratio. The manager can assign a table to a server and the customer’s order and kitchen display are linked so as a customer you get the right order every single time. This sleek order management is very important for setting the restaurant’s image right and giving customers the best possible service.

5. Customer’s Authority

People feel powerful when they have control and HiMenus gives its customers full control over their order as they can reserve a table, look at the menu, call the waiter, order and pay for the food solely from their smartphones. It is very easy to use and convenient too because some people are still avoiding unnecessary human interaction but want to enjoy food outside. These features of order history make sure that the customer has direct and ample communication with the restaurant through their phone.

Loyalty programs and Discount Codes with HiMenus

6. Easy Reorder and Call Waiter

If customers like a dish before they can reorder it right away through their phone without having to wait with the most convenient reorder option on the portal. You can call a waiter at any point during your stay through your device without waiting, it is to avoid any delay in service.

7. Payment Options

There are multiple payment options available with HiMenus but the coolest feature is split and merge payments for customers. It is a fast and reliable option that comes as a lifesaver with a larger group of customers or on a full house. When you click on the split payment option then links are created according to the number of people and you can pay through them on the spot.

8. Loyalty programs and Discount Codes

Restaurants are offering special discounts for HiMenus customers and you will be getting great deals on the portal. There are many exciting offers to avail for new customers and loyalty programs for the old ones.

Bottom Line

Himenus is not just a portal it is a comforting path that leads you to your hassle-free food without any extra effort. You can do everything with your smart devices and get the best stress-free eating experience. The features are smartly designed and easy to use and you can get many more exciting offers at your favorite restaurants. So, visit today or download the mobile application on android or iOS for a divine and smooth eating out or food home delivery experience.