Eating out in your favorite restaurant is therapeutic for some people as it provides ease and luxury in one place. People prefer to dine in restaurants because it is their way to pamper themselves with nice and calming service. Unfortunately with people wanting to go out and enjoy more, the dine-in restaurants have become very hectic. This is mainly because everyone wants to get a table in their favorite place on arrival which leads to overcrowding and lapse in service. The answer to all these problems is “booking in advance”. People can book their table and then arrive on time to enjoy the service right away. According to a survey on people who dine in at restaurants:

  • Only 4 to 7% make reservations ahead of time.
  • People who make reservations half the time are 13%.
  • About 40% of people said that they rarely make a reservation before going.
  • The number of people who never made a reservation is around 35%.

Most people avoid booking ahead of time because:

  • They find it annoying to call and wait for their turn.
  • Manual booking still sometimes ends up in overbooking.
  • They cannot choose a slot right away and have to ask the booking representative again for availability.
  • They can not get an estimated waiting time and cannot order accordingly.

With HiMenus you can eliminate all the problems listed above. You can make restaurant reservations easily using your phone. All you have to do is search for dine-in restaurants near me, select your favorite place, and make a reservation. You can use your phone as your personal food device to get access to and enjoy your desired cuisine in peace. There are many benefits of using your own food ordering device during dining in and some of them are listed here.

Reduced waiting time

HiMenus is making the whole food ordering system very time efficient. People can book online using HiMenus mobile application and arrive at the restaurant to directly go to their reserved table. They do not have to wait in line and can order right away because the management is already ready for their arrival. The mobile can be used as an ordering device because of the availability of digital menus and servers can be called anytime using the app to avoid any delay. 

Fast and accurate service

There is nothing people love more than an on-time service and HiMenus is providing this precisely. Anyone can book, order, and pay through their phone and this is the revolutionized modern world we dreamt of. Everything can be done through technology so there is little to no chance of human error. The reservations are done through a system so there will be no overbooking and managers can give a more accurate waiting time to walk in guests. The service will be accurate as it is done through the app and kitchen staff as well as waiters are all connected through dashboards so the chances of order mishaps are almost nil.

Two-way communication

The minor details provided by the HiMenus app are very important. For example, customers will get confirmation messages and notifications about your table being booked or ready. They can see the menu on their phone and know exactly when food will reach the table. This gives an authentic dine-in experience to guests and even makes the restaurant look more professional. Customers can directly communicate with the management before, during and after their visit and this is the most exciting thing about using the app.

Secure payment options

People don’t usually carry cash nowadays and with HiMenus they can easily pay through their phones. All the payment methods are available in the app and customers can even split the bill among themselves if they want. All the options are very easy and most importantly they are safe. This is the future of the food ordering system and we can see the difference it’s making in sales and profits of food businesses through reports.

Dining in experience with the assistance of your own mobile devices will put you in command of the service you are getting and people love this. It is very safe and efficient, especially after the pandemic situation. We highly recommend for an excellent dine-in experience so, give it a go you will not regret it.