Universal pandemic taught the world that we can do almost everything from our homes. From online classes, to working from home and online shopping everything is becoming more dependent on technology. Online food ordering is something that has experienced the highest increment in usage within a few years. 

● The online food ordering market is expected to make more than $360 billion by the end of 2030.

● On the whole, more than 41% of food orders are placed online.

● The food delivery market is increasing with a market share of 15 to 20% annually.

● The annual growth rate of online order placement in the food business is 3.7%.

These are just a few facts about the plethora of online food markets. People prefer the comfort of their own homes to have their food at peace and with online facilities, their preferences are taken care of. HiMenus is an app that lets you order directly from your favourite restaurant. We have plenty of restaurant options available for you so you can choose your favourite food and have direct restaurant delivery to your home. Here are some of the reasons that make HiMenus your first choice of online ordering for restaurant take-out and delivery.

It is simple and very convenient

Ordering food online is a very easy task. You just need to open the app and search for the food delivery near me or take-outs, just food near me and you will get a huge list of restaurants in seconds. You can just select your desired food and avail the delivery service with a few clicks. This is a much better option than going out and waiting in line to get your food. HiMenus app has a very simple and user-oriented interface which makes it easier for people to choose their favourite cuisine by type. For example, instead of searching for fast food near me you can just tap on the fast-food option and get the desired results. 

The variety of food choices

Himenus has a lot of restaurants onboard thus the users will get many food choices. you will just select your area and it will show you the vast food options near you. It’s like shopping in a superstore where you get all things in one place conveniently. The app will show you results according to your preferences. You can order food from your favourite place and even if you want to pick up the food to go and not avail of the delivery service, you can save a lot of time by ordering online. 

 Real-time updates of your order

The amount of time you have to bear when your order is being delivered to you often feels very long and tiring. With HiMenus you will get the update of every step for example you will get a notification when your food is being ready or when it is out for delivery. With these little updates, you will feel connected and in the loop with your order and the waiting time at home will be less anxious. 

Timely delivery of your food

Delivery services from third parties will often end up being late due to workload but at HiMenus you will be ordering directly from your trusted restaurant so the order will reach on time. The little details like notifications when the food is out for delivery and confirmation messages are what make our app worth trying. 

Payment options are secure and hassle-free

Online food ordering is very popular because it often does not require cash. Users can easily pay through cards and there are many options for payment available in the app. Many cards are offering discounts and you can also avail the promo codes and deals that are available on the app notifications. HiMenus follows all safety protocols so you know that your money transactions are safe and legit. 

There are many more benefits like fast and reliable service and reordering of food through the same place with just a click. You will explore the love of online food ordering with HiMenus so Try us now at https://himenus.com/ or download the app to enjoy your favourite food with quality service.