Point-of-sale systems are the first words that come to mind when discussing retail. Within a few years, there have been a lot of improvements in the world of point-of-sale systems. Traditional POS systems are upgraded to cloud-based. That is
more efficient and profitable. Businesses are adopting new technologies worldwide to experience and explore more opportunities to increase profits. Here is a complete article on cloud POS vs. traditional POS, so you should decide on the right option.

What is cloud-based POS?

cloud-based POS system is a web-based system that lets you handle orders and receive payments through the internet. Cloud solutions are easy to manage because they are remote and can be accessed without huge hardware. You can integrate multiple sales and enjoy the benefits of centralized storage and data security. 

● According to market reports, more than 60% of recent POS purchases were cloud-based platforms.

● The restaurant industry is expected to adopt cloud-based solutions by more than 50% by 2022.

● The global market of cloud POS is expected to be worth USD 3.73 billion in 2023.

● More than 60% of business owners plan to switch to this technology when they have the resources. 

Other than the facts listed above, here are some benefits you should know to decide about cloud pos vs traditional pos.

Easy installation

The system is easy to manage, and you can set up everything within minutes. The process is easy and seamless; you just need an id and password to go ahead and monitor your data and sales. 

Data security

As the data is password-protected, it’s very secure. The system follows all the security protocols, so you will never be worried about any security breach. All the transactions are done online, so you will always have a properly maintained record of payments. You can avoid many scams and fraud payment issues with all digital proofs and records. All the information is stored and backed up on the cloud, not your physical computer, so the chances of losing your data are eliminated.


You can easily add new devices to the system to enhance mobility. The data can be accessed through any device with the login id and password. This increased mobility will allow managers to complete important tasks and monitor sales even when away from the physical system. 


Smart systems are highly customizable and very easy to use. In retail, the competitive prices, offers, and discounts are a big deal, and manually managing everything is near impossible. You can manage it easily and update prices or discount codes with just a few clicks. The technologically advanced POS systems will not only help in making sales easy with the help of their customizable features but help in providing customers with a better buying experience. 

Fast and reliable

All the procedures of traditional POS systems are slow as compared to cloud-based POS. You need a system that provides faster processing of payments and security data. Cloud-based systems are not only better in terms of speed, they are also good for your brand image, as less waiting time will earn you a better reputation among customers. You need a system you can rely on during rush hour in your restaurant, and cloud POS provides just that.

What to look for in a POS for your Restaurant

When looking for a digital solution for your restaurant, you should keep these points in mind as they will help you choose a better and more advanced system.

● The budget you allotted for a system. Try not to go over the budget despite the urges. 

● The features you need like alerts and system requirements.

● What are the major customer preferences regarding payment and user interface?

● The speed of payment processing and receipt printing.

● Security of your data and customer information should be highly valued in the system.

● The latest market trends should be considered before choosing a POS solution.

Cloud-based POS systems are better than traditional ones in terms of technological advancement and overall performance. They will be a better fit for your restaurant because of their versatility and wider accessibility because of being online. There are a lot of solutions to managing a restaurant with online restaurant management systems. So, choose wisely, and if you need a complete solution, we recommend using the Himenus-restaurant management system for streamlining your restaurant operations.