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Are you trying to find the best Arabic restaurants in Dubai? Look no further, as HiMenus lists the fine locations in the city right here. Regarding food, Dubai is no hidden treasure; its Arabic cuisine is amazing. It comes with a variety of modern and rustic cuisine. You can’t imagine a better way to spend your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners than daydreaming about being in Beirut by the sea or in Marrakesh beneath the stars. In the mood for a warm, melty manoushe and a generous portion of tabbouleh? The best Arabic restaurants in Dubai are compiled here, so you no longer need to search.

List of 9 Best Arabic Restaurants in Dubai

Bait Al Reef

Best for Arabic, International

Location: Dubai

Because of its outstanding quality and varied menu, Bait Al Reef Restaurant & Café in Dubai is well-known for its Arabic cuisine. This Arabic food restaurant showcases rich and tasty Emirati cuisine with various dishes, including seafood, grilled meats, traditional stews, and vegetarian alternatives. Bait Al Reef is a must-visit for food fans, with high demand and excellent ratings. It has a reputation for offering incredible and delectable Arabic and foreign cuisine.


Best for: Arabic, Syrian, Lebanese

Location: Al Barsha

Famous for its Arabic cuisine, including shawarma, is Shawarmania, which is situated in Al Barsha, Dubai. Shawarma may be found around Dubai, but Shawarmania’s authentic Syrian and Lebanese food makes it stand out. The restaurant serves shawarmas that include chicken, beef, and lamb, which are well prepared and accompanied by freshly made sauces and veggies. A terrific spot to have a tasty dinner with friends and family, the restaurant’s warm setting and helpful staff are further reasons for its appeal.

Mr. Fish Restaurant

Best for: Seafood, Arabic

Location: Al Barsha

Mr. Fish Restaurant is one of the best Arabic restaurants in Dubai. It is well-known for its great quality and genuine tastes. The restaurant is well known for its seafood, but it also serves a delicious menu of Arabic fare, such as classic shawarma. Locals and visitors alike looking for a genuine and enjoyable dining experience are drawn to Mr. Fish because of his skillful presentation of Arabic cuisine’s rich and varied culinary legacy.

Wok & Roll

Best for: Arabic, Syrian, Lebanese, Mandi, Desserts, International

Location: JBR

Known for it’s the best Arabic food in Dubai, Wok & Roll is a restaurant in JBR, Dubai. TripAdvisor reviews claim that the restaurant serves excellent, genuine meals with a modern touch. The eatery is a laid-back neighborhood hangout that offers foreign fare and sweets in addition to Arabic, Syrian, Lebanese, and Mandai cuisine. The restaurant’s position in JBR, a well-liked tourist area in Dubai, contributed to its success.

Altablia Restaurant

Best for Arabic, Middle Eastern

Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers

The Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai’s Altablia Restaurant is well-known for its genuine Arabic food. To experience Arabic cuisine, this middle eastern restaurant serves various Arabic and Egyptian meals. Emphasizing traditional recipes and premium ingredients, Altablia Restaurant has become well-known for providing a remarkable dining experience that embodies Middle Eastern culinary customs.

Hubba Cafe

Best for Arabic, Indian, and International

Location: Dubai Marina

Due to its varied menu, which has a large selection of Arabic foods, Hubba Café, the best Arabic restaurants in Dubai, is well-known for its Arabic cuisine. The café draws both residents and visitors who want to sample the area’s rich flavors and culinary traditions with its traditional and genuine Arabic food. Focusing on flavor and quality, Hubba Cafe has made a name for itself in Dubai Marina as the place to go when looking for authentically delectable Arabic cuisine.


Best for: Arabic, Syrian, Lebanese, Desserts, Grill, Middle Eastern, Healthy Food, Bakery, Breakfast, Coffee

Location: Arjan-Dubailand 

Taghmesa is the best middle eastern restaurant Dubai. This Arjan-Dubailand restaurant is famous for its Arabic cuisine. Further, it serves a range of Middle Eastern cuisine, such as grilled, Syrian, and Lebanese, in addition to healthy selections, pastries, breakfast, and coffee. Since its 2016 Ramadan opening, Taghmesa has grown in popularity thanks to its unique take on Middle Eastern food and entertainment. The restaurant’s varied menu, excellent cuisine, and distinctive dining experience are all factors in its success.

Taj Al Mulok

Best for: Arabic, Lebanese, International

Location: قرية المجتمع الخضراء

Situated in Dubai Investments Park, Taj Al Mulok serves Arabic and Lebanese cuisine. It is well-known for its authentic Arabic cuisine, which draws tourists looking for good experiences. With a wide range of dishes spanning the whole spectrum of Lebanese cuisine, the restaurant delivers a unique flavor that is difficult to find elsewhere. In addition, the restaurant serves shisha, a popular beverage in the Middle East. Taj Al Mulok is a fantastic location in Dubai to sample real Arabic food.


Best for: Arabic, Grill, Persian

Location: Umm Suqeim

Food lovers frequent Shabestan, which is situated in Umm Suqeim, Dubai, because of its reputation for serving real Arabic and Persian food. Since opening in 1985, this one of the best Arabic restaurants in Dubai has earned a reputation for providing delicious, authentic Arabic food from storied family traditions. Persian food’s popularity among residents and tourists can be attributed to Shabestan’s dedication to maintaining its originality. The restaurant’s listing in the MICHELIN Guide, which highlights its high-quality and reasonably priced cuisine, indicates it is one of the best places to eat.

In brief

Considering the majority of Dubai, it is obvious that this is an Arabian metropolis. Arab cuisine is renowned for using wholesome ingredients in its dishes. In what way may Dubai continue to lag behind other Arabian restaurants? Nearly everything is sold internationally in Dubai, home to many Arab eateries. While some eateries provide mixes of tastes, others use real Arab spices. 

We emphasized the best Arabic restaurants in Dubai you should visit. They all have a great atmosphere, menu, and setting. All the necessary information about these Arabic restaurants in Dubai is highlighted to save you time and hassle during the reservation procedure.