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Who doesn’t like a delicious pizza after a long, hectic day? If you enjoy this delectable import from Italy, we’ve compiled a list of the providers of the best pizza in Dubai that will wow you with their pizza selections!

Despite being created in Italy, pizza has grown incredibly popular worldwide. It is a convenient meal to eat on the run. Try one of these restaurants for the greatest pizza in Dubai the next time you hankered Italian food. We guarantee that these pizza restaurants in Dubai Mall make you adore the cheesy goodness.

Find the Pizza Perfection in Dubai’s Best Restaurants Registered on HiMenus

The restaurants registered on HiMenus are masters at creating the ideal pizza. The pizza restaurants in Dubai provide a wide selection of delicious selections. There is plenty to sate every pizza lover’s yearning, from the genuine flavours of Manoushe Street to the delicious selections of Cafe Khachapuri and the culinary perfection of Culinaire Restaurant. The list includes Pastaria, In 61 Restaurant, La Flamme, Dip Dash Restaurant & Café, and Baba Grill Restaurant. All provide a pizza experience that’s unmatchable in taste. Additionally, placing an order through HiMenus offers the wonderful benefit of additional savings, adding to the pleasure of your pizza indulgence.

Try the Best Pizza in Dubai to Wow Your Taste buds

Manoushe Street

Famous for: Arabic, Syrian, Lebanese, Pizza, Desserts, Healthy Food, Breakfast, Fast Food

Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers

A well-known restaurant chain in Dubai called Manoushe Street serves various Lebanese street cuisine, including pizza. Manoushe Street, which has over thirty locations around Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar, hopes to become a global favourite. They offer the best pizza in Dubai, which is popular and excellent. Additionally, their chicken tikka pizza is tasty, soft and crispy with a thin crust. Additional menu items are also available, such as salads, appetizers, wraps, desserts, fresh juices, and value dinners.

Cafe Khachapuri

Famous for: Bakery, Pasta, Pizza, Grill, International, Breakfast

Location: JBR

Georgian food is served in the Cafe Khachapuri restaurant, one of the best pizza places in Dubai. Cafe Khachapuri focuses on Georgian food, including khachapuri, a classic cheese bread from that country. Although khachapuri is not quite a pizza, it is comparable to one in that it is baked bread topped with cheese and other ingredients. In addition to being well-known in Georgia, chapapuri has acquired popularity outside. Usually, it is made up of melted cheese, eggs, and other things on a breadboard. After that, the boat-shaped bread is baked until the crust is golden brown and the cheese is oozy. 

You can find it in the Al Zarooni Building, Shop 5, Block B, Al Hubob Street, Dubai Marina, Dubai. The eatery provides the best pizza delivery services in Dubai.

Culinaire Restaurant

Famous for: Pasta, Pizza, Desserts, Indian, Bakery, Breakfast, Coffee

Location: Marina Wharf-1, (lake-view) Marina Promenade, – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United

The best pizza in Dubai is served at Dubai’s Culinaire Restaurant. It is well-known for satisfying any appetite. Their pizzas are handcraft with fresh material and baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. They provide a broad assortment of toppings, ranging from traditional pepperoni to gourmet alternatives. Culinaire Restaurant delivers amazing pizza that will make you desire more, whether you eat in or take out.

Dip Dash Restaurant & Café

Famous for: Healthy Food, Pizza, Desserts, Asian, Coffee

Location: Al Barsha

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, there is a well-known restaurant called Dip Dash Restaurant & Café. This one of the best pizza places in Dubai offers a large selection of pizza selections that suit a variety of palates, including both traditional flavours and inventive concoctions. With attention and fresh ingredients, each pizza has a precisely cooked crust. Dip Dash guarantees that every meal is packing with flavor and enjoyment, whether you’re ordering for delivery or dining in their inviting café. Enjoy the delight of their delicious pizzas at Dubai’s Dip Dash Restaurant & Café.

Baba Grill Restaurant

Famous for: Pizza, Indian, Grill, International

Location: Al Barsha

Baba Grill is situated in Al Barsha, Dubai. For those who enjoy pizza, Baba Grill Restaurant in Dubai is a hidden treasure. You can find the best pizza in Dubai Mall without compromising on taste. They make pizzas with tasty toppings and crunchy crusts using their real wood-fired oven. With a varied menu that pleases every palate, Baba Grill provides everything from traditional margherita to inventive combos. Savour their mouthwatering pizzas and treat yourself to a gastronomic adventure in Dubai. The menu at Baba Grill includes a range of other options, including grilled chicken breast, dynamite fries, lemon butter hammour, steak americano, chicken involtini, and giaf mix grill. 

La Flamme

Famous for: Pasta, Pizza, Italian, Breakfast

Location: Arjan-Dubailand

A haven for pizza lovers is Dubai’s La Flamme Restaurant. Using only the best ingredients, these homemade pizzas have the ideal combination of flavours and textures. With a varied menu that will entice your taste buds, La Flamme serves everything from classic favorites to inventive innovations. The tastes and aromas of the best pizza in Dubai combine to create a singular dining experience at La Flamme. Tarte Flambe, a classic dish from the Alsace region of France, is its specialty. Tarte Flambe, often calling Flammkuchen, is a thin, crispy dish that resembles pizza and is topping with cheese, bacon, onions, and other toppings.

In 61 Restaurant

Famous for: Pasta, Pizza, Italian, Grill, Fast Food

Location: The Palm Jumeirah

In 61 Restaurant offers the best pizza in Dubai. The welcoming staff and comfortable atmosphere of In 61 Restaurant make it the ideal place to savour delicious pizzas that will leave you wanting more. In61, they offer a great game of snooker. Their selection of nutritious selections suggests that they take health seriously; you should try their green machine smoothie. They unexpectedly received their Indian delicacies as well.


Famous for: Pasta, Pizza

Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers Pastaria’s speciality is its pasta and pizza. They offer the best pizza in Dubai, including 12-inch pizza margherita, Spaghetti Bolognese, Spaghetti and meatballs, and the Spaghetti Al Pomodoro. They also offer a range of other dishes and meals, including pasta, pizza, and Italian.