With the return to normal life and the reopening of stores in some sectors, restaurants have resumed their work in many Arab countries. From here, and with the fear of the spread of the Coronavirus again, the stores have taken measures and measures to prevent it, and to receive customers safely. However, personal protection remains the most important in light of the spread of this epidemic, so you must follow some preventive measures, especially as these places are crowded and germs and viruses abound. Here are all the tips that will help you prevent Corona virus when you go to any restaurant.

First, make sure that the restaurant adheres to the instructions, to prevent corona virus

Make sure that the restaurant you want to go to adheres to the precautionary instructions one hundred percent. Starting from the general hygiene and disinfection process, through taking the heat of each customer, to the employees’ application of the muzzle. Also, it must be made sure that the tables are far apart and the place is not crowded, in order to prevent corona virus.

Do not forget to disinfect your hands in the restaurant, to prevent corona virus

Be sure to disinfect your hands most of the time when you are in a restaurant, as germs transfer from surfaces to your hands without your realizing it. After you open the door, when you put your hands on the table, before and after eating and when paying the bill, don’t forget to clean your hands after every step you take. You also have to be careful not to put your hands on the skin of your face, even if you cleaned it.

Clean the chair and table before sitting, to prevent corona virus

Even if the restaurant has cleaned the table, chair or seat, sanitize it yourself again! A step that will make you peace of mind and less fear or confusion about contracting the Coronavirus.

Put on the muzzle when talking to the employee, to prevent corona virus

When you want to order food, be sure to wear a mask even if the employee is wearing it. A step that you should never ignore in order to prevent corona virus and ensure that germs are not transmitted through coughing or sneezing.

Wear gloves, to prevent corona virus

This step is optional, you can wear gloves when you are in the restaurant. However, be careful and do not put your hands on the skin of your face, even if you are wearing gloves. Of course, when leaving the restaurant, be sure to remove and throw it away, then clean your hands with sterilizer well, to eliminate bacteria.

Do not stay for a long time in the restaurant, to prevent corona virus

One of the doctors indicated that the chance of contracting the Coronavirus may increase more and more, the more you have mixed for a long time with strangers. There is an even small chance of spreading the infection from one person to another through coughing or sneezing, especially if the place is somewhat cramped and crowded. So try not to stay for too long.

Disinfect money or credit card after payment, in order to prevent corona virus

Corona virus lives on paper currencies between 3 hours and 24 hours (Corona virus particles remain on coins more than paper), so try to prepare the amount that you have to pay in advance, and clean the money that you may receive from the restaurant. You should also make sure that the credit card is cleaned, if you choose to pay with it.

Note: Upon returning home, be careful not to sit down and undress straight away. Also, make sure that you wash it immediately and do not collect it in the laundry basket. This step helps you to prevent corona virus.