Opening a restaurant is a tiresome task and it comes with tons of work but, what is more important and difficult than setting up a restaurant is customer engagement towards restaurant. Restaurants all around the world are changing the way they operate in this post-pandemic era. The word “Normal” has been redefined for almost every situation and the new normal is way different from the previous one.

Food businesses especially dine-in restaurants suffered a huge loss during the pandemic. Even now they have not returned to their pre covid working capacity. It is getting incredibly important to adapt to the new technologies in and that is what food businesses are doing. Using a good and reliable restaurant management system is essential for every restaurant nowadays.

According to research by Simon Kucher:

  • Customers intend to order 25% of their meals online via apps and websites, compared to 21% before the pandemic.
  • Consumers are expected to receive 14% of meals via delivery and 8% of meals via curbside pickup. These numbers were 12% and 5%, respectively, before the pandemic.

These numbers show a huge change in customers’ buying patterns which leads to a direct effect on restaurant sales. Any restaurant’s profits depend upon customer engagement. Customer engagement is not only important for finances. It also builds the brand image within masses. It can only be achieved when the customers fully relate with what the restaurant is offering.

Building customer loyalty with your food business is a very tricky task but it is achievable. You cannot just build a loyal customer with only good food. Many other factors play their part in to boost customer engagement. Here is a complete guide on how to enhance and improve restaurant customer engagement:

Restaurant Customer Engagement

Offer Reward Programs To Enhance Restaurant Customer Engagement

With HiMenus it is very easy to integrate loyalty programs for your customers. All you need to do is decide on an offer and put it in the portal. It is very important to engage customers to offer nice discounts to gain their trust.

The Portal can easily gather the data of return customers or second-time visitors. So offer those who visited again a loyalty discount or digital reward points that they can redeem later to honour their visit. Everything being digital is the most beneficial for customers, so they don’t have to bring cards and vouchers. They can open Portal and redeem their vouchers.. Customers love discounts and a little discount goes a long way.

Make Personalized Offers for Your Customers

The most gratifying quality of restaurant management systems is that they can create a rich database. You can use this data in many ways to benefit your restaurants like creating personalized offers for your customers based on their buying habits or important occasions like birthdays etc. A little dessert on the house on your loyal customer’s birthday will be an excellent publicity opportunity that will bring you more clients. All this will be possible because you have the data stored and sorted with the restaurant management system.

Stay Connected to the Customers Digitally

You can market your restaurant and provide updates about your services using HiMenus to your customers. The options of sending notifications or text messages to your audience will create a buzz about your dishes and hence you will see a huge change in restaurant customer engagement. Making an event calendar for your restaurant and sharing it on the portal with your customers can increase the foot traffic to your place massively. HiMenus lets you connect with your audience on a larger level and this leads to making them feel connected and increase loyalty towards your business.

Provide A Smooth In Restaurant Experience

People are getting smart these days and they love to have a personalized or independent experience while dining in. HiMenus offers them the option to book a table with online restaurant management system, see the menu through QR code, and Pay online through the portal. All this using their own devices without any external interference. They will enjoy more and feel more in control of the situation with the service and that will make them come back again. These things look minor but they play a major role in deciding the fate of a restaurant.

Listen and Respond to the Feedback on Time

For restaurant engagement, customer satisfaction is the top priority. Customers can share their valuable opinions on restaurant customer experience and you can make your service better based on their suggestions without any delay. Good restaurant reviews will have an enormous impact on bringing new customers to the eatery. People listen to others’ experiences so the management software becomes a medium to display them. The food industry thrives on food reviews and HiMenus will highlight them for your business to improve restaurant customer engagement.

Bottom Line

The future holds many bright possibilities for the restaurant industry. The food industry needs to implement the right technologies with the right portals to benefit their business. If you are looking for a restaurant software to enhance and improve your restaurant customer engagement and deliver a seamless experience to your customers then do try HiMenus. You will see the results of their unmatched service yourself.