Are you a food aficionado in Dubai, always searching for delectable foods to sate your cravings? Look nowhere else! You can order delicious meals from Dubai’s best restaurants with the HiMenus food ordering app. Enjoy the variety of tastes offered by Jebal Al Atlas Moroccan’s Moroccan Bread Sweets & Pastries, or treat yourself to the mouthwatering Hummus Bait Al Reef Appetizer at Bait Al Reef. Want some seafood? Alexandrian Shrimps, a delightful delicacy from Mr Fish Restaurant, is your ideal choice. Get all of these and much more at HiMenus!

Delectable Food Choices in Dubai

1. Moroccan Bread – Sweets & Pastries

With the wonderful Moroccan Bread Sweets and Pastries from Jebal Al Atlas Moroccan, you can instantly transport yourself to the bustling streets of Morocco. As you bite into their genuine pastries, savour the delicious fusion of sweetness and flakiness. Baklava, M’hancha, and Chebakia are just some of the delectable treats that are expertly made to leave you wanting more. These delicious Moroccan treats are now simple to order with HiMenus for a pleasant dessert experience.

2. Hummus Bait Al Reef – Appetizer

With the Bait Al Reef Hummus Appetizer, delve into the sumptuous tastes of the Middle East. Every scoop of this silky, creamy hummus will tantalize your taste buds when served with warm pita bread. This snack is perfect for a family get-together or a single treat. Order this traditional Middle Eastern treat from HiMenus right away to experience hummus the way it was meant to be tasted.

3. Alexandrian Shrimps – Seafood

With their delicious Alexandrian Shrimps, Mr Fish Restaurant provides a genuine treat for seafood lovers. These luscious and juicy shrimps are perfectly prepared as seafood lovers’ party delights. The shrimp’s inherent tastes are enhanced by the dish’s meticulous seasoning and cooking, making it a true treat. By ordering this excellent seafood dish from HiMenus, you can experience the ocean in every mouthful.

4. Mixed Platter – Shawarma Platter

The Mixed Shawarma Platter from Shawarma Houzz is ideal if you’re looking for something hearty and savoury. Enjoy a mixture of sliced beef and chicken shawarma, fresh tomatoes, parsley, onions, extra coleslaw, fries, tahini, and Mexican sauce. To enjoy every bite, finish your dinner with Arabic bread and utensils. Treat yourself to a satisfying shawarma experience by ordering this decadent plate from HiMenus.

5. Muhammara – Cold Appetizers

The Muhammara Cold Appetizers from Bbayti Restaurant are the perfect appetizer if you want something light and acidic. Every mouthful of this Levantine dip, created with red peppers, walnuts, breadcrumbs, and fragrant spices, explodes with flavour. Whether you serve it with pita bread or raw vegetables, this recipe is a hit with everyone. Get your muhammara from HiMenus and enjoy this classic Middle Eastern treat.

6. Foul Mudammas – Breakfast

Foul Mudammas from Ard Jedoudna Restaurant & Café are a delicious and healthful way to start the day. Fava beans are slowly cooked with lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and parsley before being topped with chopped onions, tomatoes, and parsley. This breakfast, with Lebanese bread, fresh vegetables, and olives, is a well-balanced and savoury option to start your day. For a healthy start to the day, get some Foul Mudammas from HiMenus.

7. Hubba Sliders – Burgers and Sandwiches

Hubba Café’s Hubba Sliders are a must-try for burger lovers. These flavorful sliders are made with juicy burgers, fresh vegetables, and various scrumptious sauces and are served in soft, fluffy slider buns. These sliders will fulfil your hunger for a burger, whether as a fast snack or a big dinner. For a memorable burger experience, order the Hubba Sliders from the HiMenus food ordering app.

8. Mamounia With Cream – Morning Breakfast

Enjoy the delectable aromas of Al Tarbouch Restaurant’s Mamounia With Cream Morning Breakfast. The delectable Mamounia breakfast dish, a typical Moroccan semolina porridge prepared with milk and sugar, is topped with a decadent cream sauce. This meal is cosy and delicious because it combines silky cream with robust porridge. Start your day by treating yourself to this delicious breakfast from HiMenus food app.

9. Falafel Plate – Breakfast (Morning to Morning)

Taghmesa’s Falafel Plate is the best option for a quick and filling breakfast. Every bite of these savoury falafels served with creamy tahini sauce, bursts with flavour. Fresh vegetables perfectly enhance this breakfast meal, a favourite among residents and tourists. To taste a classic Middle Eastern breakfast, choose the Falafel Plate from HiMenus food app in Dubai.

10. Assorted Vegetables with Beef Cubes – Special Meals from Altablia

Assorted Vegetables with Beef Cubes from Altablia Restaurant is a great option for a filling and nutritious supper. This dish’s delicate beef cubes and wonderful mixture of mix veggies are slow-cooking to perfection in the oven to bring out the flavours. This dinner is a wonderful joy for the taste senses with the ideal ratio of meat and veggies. Enjoy the taste of this delectable cuisine by ordering this exceptional meal from HiMenus.

Wrapping Note

Foodies, start planning your culinary adventure now! Get these delicious dishes from Dubai’s best restaurants by downloading the HiMenus app. Fulfill your appetite and embark on a gourmet journey that will leave you wanting more!


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