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Zefki Exquisite is a Levantine restaurant that serves Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Turkish, Arabic, and levantine cuisine. They provide a variety of breakfast, lunch, supper, and business lunch options every day. Their hallmark dishes include Zefki Falafel, packed with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and Iskender Kebab.

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What are Zefki’s Specialties and Why Order Through HiMenus App?

Zefki Levantine Eatery is well-known for its unique take on traditional dishes like shrimp machboos and Rocca salad with grilled marinated chicken chunks. The eatery also serves baked bread, mushroom soup, and three varieties of labneh. HiMenus food ordering app offers a user-friendly and completely integrated solution to eateries. It streamlines restaurant management by automating processes and offering real-time data insights. HiMenus also provides unique loyalty programs for consumers, which may help businesses boost customer retention and profitability. Furthermore, it does not charge a registration commission to restaurants, making it a low-cost alternative.

What Is the Most Popular Dish at Zefki Exquisite

Zefki Levantine Eatery’s budget-friendly dining includes the Zefki falafel, packed with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and the shrimp machboos, a spicy rice dish with herbs and grilled shrimp served with a chunky tomato sauce. Other famous foods include Syrian delicacies, Iskender, a Turkish dish composed with roasted shawarma meat, handmade bread, mushroom soup, and three varieties of labneh. The restaurant serves a unique combination of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Turkish, and Arabic flavors. Thus, it a modern twist on classic Levantine meals.

Closing Note

When purchased using the HiMenus app, Zefki Levantine Eatery offers a 30% discount on its superb Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Lebanese culinary, Turkish, and Arabic cuisine. This is an excellent opportunity for food enthusiasts to taste their new touch on traditional meals. HiMenus’ restaurant management software offers a variety of benefits to restaurants, including automated operations, real-time data analytics, and unique customer loyalty programs. Customers may use the HiMenus app to have a flawless ordering experience while also supporting their favorite eateries. Get exclusive offer now and save 30% on your favourite food.

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