Square online ordering is one of the more useful options the renowned point of sale and processing service provides. Giving potential clients the option to find your restaurant from the comfort of their homes or mobile devices is vital in today’s society. Square already has one of the greatest point-of-sale systems for restaurants in terms of usability and pricing. So, it’s no surprise that its online ordering option is as elegant and dependable. If you already use Square or are looking for new or alternative POS software, utilizing Square’s online ordering tools can increase sales while improving your inventory management and profitability. Continue reading to learn about Square’s online restaurant ordering benefits and drawbacks.

What Exactly Is Square Online Ordering?

Square Online is a framework for developing an online store that displays your menu and allows consumers to add numerous things to order and pay online. The order is subsequently routed to the kitchen for fulfilment. Furthermore, Square Online for restaurants allows consumers to receive orders, pick up, or self-serve using a no-contact menu system. Square Online varies from Square Restaurant POS. It is entirely focused on an online ordering procedure rather than solutions such as physical payment devices and team management capabilities. Square Online for Restaurants seamlessly interacts with Square Restaurant POS.

Pricing for Square Online Ordering?

Aside from payment processing costs, Square’s basic online buying is free. While the free plan is quite rich, there are subscription tiers that can provide you with access to more sophisticated capabilities. Most online payments include processing costs of 2.9% + 30 cents. These costs are reduced to 2.6% + 30 cents for Square’s most costly Premium Plan. What you may anticipate from each plan is as follows:

What are the Features and Benefits of Square Online Ordering?

The Square order app is straightforward to set up, easy to use, and inexpensive. It helps your business get new customers while also making it easier to service existing customers; it allows them to purchase things for pickup or delivery. Allowing consumers to make purchases when they are not physically present in your restaurant may significantly increase your profitability. While it may complicate matters for your workers, Square’s platform has several tools, such as a kitchen display system, that may assist in alleviating such pressures.

How to Implement Square Online Ordering in Your Restaurant?

Several elements of Square’s online ordering platform are beneficial to your restaurant. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you’ll find:

  • Menu Syncing

After adopting online ordering, you may have your goods posted to your website and ready for sale in minutes.

  • Commission-Free Delivery

While Square links with major third-party delivery services, online purchasing through Square provides professional delivery, which will help you earn a bigger percentage than other platforms.

  • QR Code Ordering

QR codes are back and more popular than ever. This function allows you to arrange no-contact pickups.

  • Order Scheduling

Allow customers to schedule a pickup or delivery appointment at any moment throughout your business hours.

  • Tipping

A Square POS trademark, the online ordering platform encourages users to leave a tip for personnel.

  • Square Marketing

Save client information for future email campaigns to encourage and reward repeat business.

  • Square Loyalty

Encourage customers to return and spend more by allowing them to view their points online.

  • Instagram Integration

Integrate your Instagram feed into your website to post delicious images and let clients shop from the app.

Is Square Online a Good Option for Your Restaurant?

Square Online can make your life easier. You can track orders and inventory easily if you use a point-of-sale system at your restaurant and Square Online on your restaurant’s website. The setup is likewise quick and simple, and the expenses are reasonable. Regarding cost and functionality, Square Online restaurant eCommerce solution is hard to better. It is convenient, simple, and supports several integrations to meet your needs.