Dubai is the ideal paradise for foodies. There are a variety of delectable dishes available including ice cream Dubai, ranging from the tastiest to the sweetest. Given how hot it is in Dubai every day, it makes sense that most people seek solace from the intensely hot summer months in cool candies. Desserts and sweets are available, including cheesecakes, puddings, parfaits, shakes, and other incredibly rich and unusual treats. However, the most well-known is the smooth, creamy, and delectable ice creams, which are the ideal treat for Dubai’s summers. There are several ice cream shops near me in Dubai that may easily sate your sweet desire in just one mouthful.

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Taste the Best Ice Cream in Dubai

Play Around and Have Fun at Ice Cream Lab

This ice cream shop in Dubai mall serves freshly produced ice cream created with liquid nitrogen. As the name suggests, Ice Cream Lab is set up like a lab, so when you choose the base and toppings, you’ll feel like a scientist when the machines rapidly freeze them into a wonderful treat.

Favour an Exciting Taste of Scoopi

This skilled ice cream Dubai shop at TimeOut Market Dubai serves perfectly formed cones of ice cream. Scoopi uses liquid nitrogen to produce all of their ice cream. It gives them a buttery, smooth scoop that is unmatched. You can also look for unique tastes that have a specific liking by others.

Embark on An Italian Adventure with Morelli’s Gelato

Since its founding in 1907, all of Morelli’s Gelato locations worldwide have been producing fresh gelato daily. Fresh, natural ingredients are used in the production of each batch and flavour of gelato. It is the most well-liked ice cream destination for dessert lovers in Dubai. Their top picks are famous Banana Split or Dulce de leche caramel servings. Since the company’s launch, its distinctive purple and white interiors have always embodied superb craftsmanship. This ice cream parlour near me provides tasty and creamy gelato by the peaceful coastline at their JBR beach branch.

Taste the delicacies at Yuki No Hana

You’ve probably heard of this unusual Japanese ice cream shop in Expo 2020, Global Village. This ice cream Dubai spot is well-known for its unique flavours and tastes of ice cream. Their ice creams are all creamy, tasty, and delightful. They have several really tasty and mouthwatering desserts, such as their coconut ice cream served atop a coconut, accai ice cream, mango and strawberry ice cream, lemon flavoured ice cream, and laban flavoured ice cream with Oman chips. Their most well-known mango ice cream served with a milk cake and nitrogen, as well as their Cerelac and Frosties ice creams, have been highlighted on the Instagram accounts of most Dubai-based food bloggers. This ice cream has been among the most well-liked offerings at Expo and Global Village. A Dubai ice cream experience you can’t afford to miss!

Try Something New at Temple Creamery

Which ice cream topping have you tried? If cornflakes are mixed into your ice cream. It would be considered as a cereal crime. It’s art at Temple Creamery. To make swirls, a house recipe of vanilla ice cream is mixed with iconic American breakfast goods like Rice Krispies, Pop Tarts, Captain Crunch, and Butterfinger. Would you want to add cookie crumbs to your ice cream instead? This Wasl Road location offers that in addition to blondies, brownies, Cinnabons, and—wait for it—Ruffles potato chips!

Ice Cream Spots at HiMenus: Taste at Discounted Rates

Baskin Robbins

Cuisine: Ice Cream

In Spring Village, you can now find the well-known ice cream shop Baskin Robbins outside your door. You may delight in the creamiest and tastiest ice creams with a broad selection of flavours. With creative new recipes and timeless favourites like chocolate chip cookie dough, Baskin Robbins has something sweet for everyone. For a scoop of happiness, Baskin Robbins is the place to go whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or need something sweet to eat.

Location: Spring Village

House of Pops

Cuisine: Desserts, Ice Cream

For cold and refreshing treats, head to House Of Pops in Dubai’s buzzing JBR neighborhoods. They specialize in a wide range of sweets and ice creams. All are produce with the best ingredients to deliver flavor explosions with every taste. Your demands for sweets will be satiate by this place, which serves delicious ice cream sundaes and gourmet popsicles. Take advantage of the opportunity to peruse their imaginative and vibrant dessert buffet.

Location: JBR Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Cuisine: Ice Cream

The world-famous brand of ice cream Dubai, Häagen-Dazs, cordially welcomes you to indulge in their finest ice cream creations right in the middle of Dubai Marina. Their ice creams are known for employing only the best ingredients, so they have a flavour of luxury. There is a large selection of flavours to pick from, including traditional tastes like vanilla and Belgian chocolate, as well as seasonal delicacies. Whether you like a scoop, sundae, or milkshake, it guarantees a decadent treat that will make you want more. For a luxurious ice cream experience in Dubai, visit Häagen-Dazs.

Location: 34GJ+6GJ – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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