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Boost Your Business Efficiency with the HiMenus Table Management System

Keep track of tables’ accessibility by using the HiMenus table management system. Only the hours that are available for the tables you have marked as available are visible to guests when they try to reserve one. You can control how long your tables are available with table management. To accommodate more customers, you can also control the duration of a reservation. If a visitor leaves early, you just need to finish the reservation so that the table becomes accessible for subsequent reservations.


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Our Table Management System Features

Cut Down on No Shows

Increase reservation attendance by using the integrated credit card hold system to reduce expensive no-shows.

Enhance Table Production

Give hosts access to real-time table status and availability information to increase efficiency.

Fast Ordering

Customers can scan the restaurant's QR code, see the menu, and place orders.

Variable Length of Seating

With only a click and drag, prolong a table's term for those frequent visitors effortlessly.

Simple Table Modifications

Anyone can create and edit a table map using our easy drag-and-drop method.

Communications with Guests

A built-in two-way messaging system lets visitors notify hosts of any delays in their arrival.


Why Do You Need A Table Management System?


Effective Table Administration

The technology gives hosts and managers a clear picture of the restaurant's layout, making it easier to assign tables and increase seating capacity.

Improved Visitor Experience

A table management system minimizes wait times for guests and gets rid of manual mistakes in seating arrangements by effectively handling reservations and waitlists.

Simplified Processes

Managing visitor flow, table allocations, and seating preferences is made easier by the system. Make decisions more quickly and accurately by knowing real-time table status.

Get Personalized Reports

With the many customizable reports included in the reservation and table management system, you may gain insights into your bookings, client comments, and cancellations.

Menu Access

Customers can scan the QR code on the table to access the restaurant’s menu instantly. It provides a contactless dining experience and reduces the need for physical menus, which may require frequent sanitization.

Fast Ordering System

The scan table feature can integrate with the restaurant’s ordering system, allowing customers to place orders directly from their smartphones. It streamlines the ordering process, reduces wait times, and minimizes errors in order taking.

Real-time Status of Tables’ Availability

Ensure that every table is remembered by watching its real-time color-coded state. When you see that some customers have finished earlier than you anticipated, act to motivate lazy guests to move faster or move in. In any case, be prepared to dive right in during turnaround as soon as the tables become available.


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HiMenus provides restaurants with an easy-to-use table management system that enables real-time queue, reservation, and table management, as well as the registration and combination of tables.

Yes, HiMenus can be easily connected with over thirty point-of-sale (POS) systems and delivery management programs including vehicles and drivers.

Enhanced client engagement and loyalty, more table turns, and effective reservation and table performance monitoring are our major advantages.

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