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Fuel Your Business Growth with the HiMenus Point of Sales System

Boost your business both on and off the premises with HiMenus, an all-in-one restaurant POS system. It takes care of all your company activities automatically, giving you time to concentrate on making improvements to your restaurant’s infrastructure. Accuracy, efficiency, return on investment, high profitability, and client retention are all guaranteed with HiMenus Point of Sale software for restaurants. It cuts down on waste, tracks employee performance, and enhances overall operations.


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Our POS Features


Manage, register, and track table status ((open, occupied, billed) in real-time


Integrate with third-party delivery services and manage delivery drivers with alerts.

Table Management

Create new tables and assign them to customers.

Order Management

Enable waiters to take orders specifically designated for delivery.

Take Away

A streamlined process for taking orders for customers choosing to Take Away.

Address Management

Collect, manage, and verify delivery addresses securely.


Why Do You Need a POS?

Offline Mode

With the HiMenus POS system, your work will never stop. It keeps information locally on the smartphone so that even when you're not online, you can run your business and accept orders.

User-Friendly Interface

Employees of various skill levels can easily operate our POS system due to its clear and simple interface.

Integration with Owner's App

Owners and managers can use our POS system using a mobile app. You can explore sales statistics in real-time via the app.

Fast and Effective

Your restaurant employees can accept orders and handle payments with ease with our POS system. Enjoy other features like discounts, split checks, and order modifiers.

Enjoy Seamless Dine in with HiMenus

HiMenus POS improves customer service and operational efficiency by enabling real-time administration, registration, and table status tracking. It saves your management team’s time and money.

Hassle-Free Take Away with HiMenus POS

The technology expedites the ordering process for takeout, making it possible to enter orders quickly and efficiently and modify dishes to suit client preferences with ease. It helps you increase your customer happiness and loyalty.

Fast and Secure Delivery at the Customer’s Door

HiMenus POS interfaces with outside delivery providers, automating processes and offering real-time data analytics. It helps cafes and restaurants become more visible and profitable.


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A restaurant point of sale is a system that allows you to track and maintain inventory, handle and process food orders, and receive payments in one convenient place. The restaurant POS system includes tables, personnel, menus, and vendor management as standard.

Customers can open tabs or place orders with ease with the HiMenus POS system. It enables setting up loyalty programs both inside and outside of the business. There are fewer transactions and a simpler sales process when payment choices are available at the table and online.

Before purchasing a new POS system, be sure that your present configuration can export inventory and customer information to the new system. HiMenus POS systems allow data transfer.

Yes! Free in-person instruction on our HiMenus POS system is available to all new customers. Additionally, our support staff is accessible via phone and chat around the clock for all of your inquiries.

HiMenus point-of-sale system (POS) offers several advantages, such as enhanced productivity, precision, inventory control, and the capacity to provide comprehensive sales data.

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