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Exceptional Potential of Third Party Integrations for Restaurants

Third party integrations for restaurants reduce labor expenses by eliminating the need for restaurant employees to enter orders and improve order accuracy manually. HiMenus experts know the significance of a flawless integration procedure for restaurant POS systems. That is why we establish interfaces with the world’s leading point-of-sale suppliers, assuring an easy setup procedure for our customers.

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HiMenus KDS assists you in managing kitchen orders wisely in addition to lowering printing and paper costs. It collects and prepares the repetitive things for all orders and clarifies what is still pending on-screen.
Run out of a menu item? You may alter inventory levels directly with HiMenus kitchen display system for restaurant.
HiMenus KDS is helpful for takeaways in addition to on-site restaurants. Depending on how your kitchen is run and if you offer table service, you may customize the kitchen display systems process.
Make decisions for your kitchen using inventory and sales statistics. Reporting at the ingredient level offers information that can help with inventory purchases and menu adjustments.

Online or In-Person Orders

Put all of your orders on a single display. Throw away those tablets from other companies and concentrate on completing all your orders from a single source. You receive a comprehensive view of everything on HiMenus KDS, regardless of whether it’s an online order from your website, a third-party delivery channel or even a QR code.


The Complete Kitchen Operation Solution

A unique kitchen management tool is created to make your kitchen operation more effective. You can quickly optimize front-of-house and back-of-house processes with the HiMenus kitchen display system software Dubai, assisting you in running a lean, lucrative business.

A KDS for Outstanding Kitchen Experience

All orders are combined into a single screen via HiMenus KDS. As a result, your front-of-house has a bird-eye view of all incoming orders, regardless of how the order is placed: dine-in by QR, dine-in via server (POS), online orders, or third-party delivery orders. Your kitchen management and facilitators can pinpoint and resolve problems at their root with the HiMenus KDS, and they can follow up with customers to ensure the order is accurate from the outset.

POS System Integration

Prioritize Client Satisfaction

Our KDS eliminates needless back and forth from table to kitchen through clear and instant communication requests. When an order is taken, the servers transfer it to the kitchen, allowing them more time to interact with or serve the clients.

Workflow in your kitchen

We are aware of how hectic the kitchen can be. Our kitchen display system for restaurant displays ticket timings to monitor turnaround. Thanks to colour-coded orders, you can see what is cooking and what is ready to go.

POS Systems Restaurant

Notify about the order being ready

Slow service is one of the main reasons restaurants receive lousy feedback, which nearly always results from a busy kitchen. Utilizing order-ready kitchen display to inform diners of the progress of their orders is one technique to counteract this. This openness can assist in reducing conflict and help define consumer expectations.