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Order Management

Verkoop verhogen

Boost sales with more than one option to place orders for custmers

Bespaar tijd op bestellingen

Allow customerrs to place order before coming to the restaurant

Realtime updates

Werk uw menu overal bij en geef uw klanten snel toegang tot het menu.

Scannen om te betalen

Laat uw klanten hun bestellingen scannen en betalen met hun apparaten.

Meertalig menu

Bied uw klanten een digitaal menu aan in verschillende talen.

Promoties en Campagnes

Bied uw klanten speciale aanbiedingen en promoot uw restaurant eenvoudig met uw digitale menu.

Are you looking for an online software voor restaurantbeheer and a food delivery system for your any kind of food business? You can now customize and modernize your delivery system with us. Delivery or takeaway management system is the most popular management system in recent times. Improve your business and expand market reach effectively by asking your customers to place order directly from your mobile app or website. An all-in-one delivery/takeaway management software system for your restaurant can set up certain integrations with a point-of-sale systems (POS) that essentially provides help regarding food delivery/takeaway automation and streamlining your orders. Online systems is need of time and the most advance way of getting your food delivered as soon as possible.

Build your own online ordering system to get the best services. Online management system can help in automating the restaurant orders. You can satisfy your potential customers with on time administration by utilizing innovation. It is the most advanced way of dealing with all the orders that you get in day. It is fast easy and unique to handle your restaurant takeaway system also.
A good restaurant management will help you in every single operation related to order management. It will accept orders from people who live far off from your restaurant. Not only has this will an order management software provide with assistance relating to assigning the orders that you took. The takeaway management system will help you in assigning orders to delivery system. Moreover you can track the drivers to make sure that your food got delivered.
You can keep track of your orders through a good takeaway management system for your restaurant. Tracking orders does not simply mean to collect data related to order but it also mean to keep notice if the meal is delivered to person. You can manage bulk of orders with simple and few clicks. Takeaway is way easier than dine in because you can simply take your meal with you and be on your way. You can increase accuracy rate of orders and you can minimize the error rate.
Time is money is true in the restaurant business also. The feature of takeaway has been introduced in the HiMenus restaurant management system to make food deliver -quickly. It saves a lot of time of both the staff and customers. A takeaway management system helps you in managing your time so you can complete maximum orders in a day without any interruption or disruption in the activities going on in the restaurant. Takeaway management system will help in busy day’s restaurant as it will help in streamlining the orders. 

Enable your delivery and start accepting orders with 0% commission

Simplify your restaurant and coffee shop deliveries

Online food ordering has become the main part of today’s lifestyle and with the influx of orders managing this manually can be hectic for managers. In our smart restaurant management: 

  • you can get an order online. 
  • Receive order payment in the system digitally. 
  • Forward the order to the kitchen dashboard.   
  • Assign a rider to deliver the order. 

All of the above steps can be done in less than a minute with our online restaurant management software. Join HiMenus today and see for yourself how food deliveries became easy with digital assistance.

easy sync data

Offer Split Payment Options

Your customer can either pay through cards of they can make payments through online system. Additionally they can pay through cash and net banking also. Thus using a POS system you can offer various payment methods and whichever way the customers want to make payment through they can do so easily. 

Report and Analysis

You can get detailed summary of the orders that are delivered through takeaway system. You can monitor your data through reports and analyze the whole data. You can get all the data that is urgently required. You can also see the performance metrics through takeaway management system.

Customer Support System

You can get in touch with your customers anytime and send them promotional offers that they can get only when they use takeaway food. A good takeaway management system comes with enable features of promotional offers that is going to increase the engaging relationship with customers to encourage customers to use takeaway system. It will work as a marketing strategy for you as well. If a customer repeat order you can give them special discount. You can generate slips and assign order number and generate receipts accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

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