A table management system for restaurants that help you manage time and floor control

HiMenus' Restaurant Table Management Software Will Revolutionize the Way You Run Your Restaurant

The customisable views in HiMenus App’s table management system enable you to run your restaurant smoothly. You can simply keep track of your tables, available hours, and places in the restaurant with the help of HiMenus restaurant reservation system. Plan which tables to reserve first and the available hours so that visitors may make the most of their stay. You may manage bookings, requests, waitlist visitors, and online orders with the aid of our iOS and web apps. Keep in touch with every diner with the aid of two-way SMS texting.

You can manage and centralize all of your bookings using HiMenus desktop and mobile app. It is all-in-one online booking and table management solution. You always have full visibility and control thanks to the potent combination of advanced technology with restaurant management.
With the completely customizable online booking widget and email messaging included with HiMenus table reservation software, your clients will only see your name, logos, and branding and not that of any perplexing third parties.
You can always increase your profits with the use of our HiMenus system for order management tables. Regardless of how busy you are, you just pay a set, predictable monthly price with no commission due for each booking. It ensures that there are no unforeseen expenses at the end of each month.
Reduce dreaded no-shows, which make up to 20% of restaurant reservations, by giving customers timely automated notifications, such as a booking confirmation or a reminder email or SMS right before their arrival. You may also give customers the option to change or cancel their reservations, which will enable you to rebook the table as soon as possible or rearrange your workforce as necessary.

Increase Attendance by Accelerating Table Turns

You can keep track of which tables are accessible by using the HiMenus table management system. Only the times for the tables you have marked as available are shown to guests when they want to make a reservation. You can control how long your tables are open by using our table management. Similarly, you may choose how long a table is reserved so that more diners can reserve a seat at your establishment. You can simply end the reservation if a person leaves early, making the table accessible for other people to reserve it.

Manage and Mix Available Tables

We have created a user-friendly, straightforward restaurant table management system that’s perfect for any eatery. The system allows you to register all of your tables and make them combinable. If a guest requests a table for four persons yet there isn’t any longer a four-spot table available, two two-spot tables that you have already registered as combinable are combined by the system. You won’t lose any reservations this way, and you’ll always know which tables are open and which ones are reserved.

Innovative Restaurant Software that Performs Superbly

Take advantage of software that is simple to use and created by experts for restaurant industry. With a stellar 99.9% uptime, we provide excellent dependability for all of our technological systems. HiMenus restaurant table management system is backed by more than 150 technical professionals who keep an eye on the platforms and apps around-the-clock, so you can rest easy. Start utilizing one of the most popular management applications available right now!

Integrated Table Management System

HiMenus software offers real-time queue management, reservation management, and tracking of available tables. It enables quick and effective communication between front-of-house workers and kitchen staff, resulting in quicker customer service and shorter wait times.

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