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Coffee Shop Management Software for Effective Reservation, POS & Delivery Management​

Having a business of coffee seems simple but managing a whole business of coffee shop is complex. You have to be a multitasked to do it. As much as there is variety of coffee flavors and food items, there are different things to handle in a coffee shop. Let’s have a look at how effectively you can manage your coffee shop business using a HiMenus Coffee Shop Management System.

Make good efforts to create good revenue. Keep track of all the costs and data. Keep all analytics in your hand and see what you are spending on. You can see working details of your staff accordingly. Engage with your customers anytime, get real-time status updates on your restaurant reservations & many more benefits.
You can take full charge of all your chains of coffee shops in one place but for that purpose you have to get your hands in an efficient coffee shop managements system that is reliable. Make sure that your software system is not selling your data to anyone.
You can manage whole process of order taking and delivering with a good coffee shop management system. Coffee shop management software are specially designed provide these kind of services to you.
Say goodbye to paper menu and digitalize your menu using our HiMenus coffee shop software. With a digital menu you can save your energy and time by real time menu editing and you don’t have to verbally inform your customers about the item details. Customers themselves can see what your latest additions is and what the most selling product is.

Using A Kitchen Display

A digital kitchen display is fashionable and quite cool. You can use moving images to your kitchen display. Kitchen staff can see the process of getting order based on their section so the order preparation can begin. It can show if third order in the process, waiting or is ready. 

Digital Phone Menu
Digital Menu Website

Engage more Customers through Online Ordering​

Create your own online ordering system for commission-free orders. Get complete control of your online orders and customer data. Reduce your dependency on human and make use of online ordering software. It is way easier and more profitable for your coffee shop. It is also a way of direct communication with customers. 

Launch Loyalty Program to Grab Customers

Create loyalty programs and reward your customers with points which they can redeem using HiMenus coffee shop software, as rewards to encourage them. If you will reward your regular customer they will definitely get back to your place. With a good coffee shop management system you can keep record of customers who frequently visit you coffee shop. 

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