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A cloud kitchen software is designed to make your customer reach on the cloud nine. It is full of features that will not only make your customers happy but also facilitate your online business. With this helpful software your staff members will get a helping hand in providing services to your customers at cloud kitchen Dubai. You have the facility of managing all of your data related to vendors, inventory, online orders and delivery in one place. With the help of a cloud kitchen software you can   serve & deliver quickly. In this way you can make good impression your customers and earn their loyalty that will help you in getting more orders.

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You can view your real-time order status through cloud kitchen display. You can keep record of daily sales of your Cloud Kitchen Dubai right from your mobile phone. You can access all your data through Cloud Kitchen’s business from anywhere and any place. You can simply View daily sales, total bills generated, promotional offers, and low inventory items alerts and upcoming events.
You can control all of your branches of cloud kitchen in Dubai from one place. You can access all data with one click. Managing multiple branches can become quite easy if you employ a good cloud kitchen software because in that way you can provide consistency and quality.
Build your own online ordering system with Cloud Kitchen Software. You have to get complete control of your online orders and customer data. You need to reduce your dependency on third parties with a strong online presence. It will save a lot of money and you will not have to pay any commission.
Dites adieu au menu papier et numérisez votre menu en utilisant notre logiciel HiMenus. Avec un menu numérique, vous pouvez économiser votre énergie et votre temps en éditant le menu en temps réel et vous n'avez pas besoin d'informer verbalement vos clients sur les détails de l'article. Les clients eux-mêmes peuvent voir quels sont vos derniers ajouts et quels sont les produits les plus vendus.

Cloud Kitchen, Ghost Kitchen, or Dark Kitchen! Hassle-free Kitchen Operations.

Using a Kitchen Display

If you will allow your kitchen staff to get orders based on their section so the order preparation can begin. It will save time of both customers and staff. With a Kitchen display the error rate will decrease and productivity rate will increase effectively. 

Engage more Customers through Customer Feedback

Feedbacks are important because they are key points in telling you that if your customers are happy with your services. You can keep tabs on your guest’s feelings about your food and service with a conversational feedback system. Give your customers a chance to tell you if they are unhappy, instead of on public platforms. Direct communication is a very important thing and you simply cannot miss this. You have to understand what to improve, straight from the customer.

Cloud Kitchen Inventory Management

Automate your cloud kitchen’s inventory management. Keep an eye on your food costs and provide market competitive services and rate. Get a system that send you automated alerts on low stock levels so that you’re never run out of your critical raw material. Keep an eye on the insights before making any changes in the inventory.

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