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HiMenus gives you the most amazing features in Online Restaurant Reservation System as it is a detailed reservation management software that is designed so that you can give the most amazing service to your guests. Your restaurant reservation will be easier to manage when everything is automated and thanks to Himenus Restaurant Reservation Management System you will never miss the chance to impress your customers with your well-coordinated customer service. With HiMenus the chance of human error and any kind of miscommunication is impossible and your restaurant can put its best service on display. The number of issues that manual reservation has created over the years will finally be dismissed. Your guests will not only have a proper channel to book a table in their favorite restaurant but also have the confirmation that it will not be assigned to anyone else.

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Save Time with HiMenus

HiMenus is dedicated to serving its clients and we are very focused on your satisfaction that is why we designed our features in the best of our customer’s interest. This feature will provide service not only to the restaurants but also to the customers because it is saving their precious time and they will surely appreciate it. There will be no long waiting lines because people will simply come at their designated time and get the service.
Another important thing is the managers can give the right estimate of waiting time to the walk-in guests too which will make the whole environment of the restaurant peaceful and calming for everyone. It is really helpful for your restaurant staff also because they won’t mix up orders in the hectic environment and will perform to their full potential in front of the guests.

Easy Reservations with HiMenus

We always based our products on solid research and there is a reason behind adding every feature. And according to research a little more than 45% of restaurant consumers think that online reservations are way more easier and convenient than manual ones and they will prefer the restaurants where it is available.
Using HiMenus is extremely easy and whether your customer is using the web page or mobile app there are very easy steps to book the table. Here are some important sub-features of our table reservation management service.

restaurant reservation management system

Why Choose HiMenus Restaurant Reservation Management System?

   Reservation for Later

This feature gives your clients a wide window for booking their table ahead of any important event. It is to make sure that your precious customers always get the chance to get served in your place without any hassle. HiMenus allows customers to see the available slots for their specific dates in advance so that they can book according to their time preference.

   Reservation for Now

This feature is specifically designed for restaurants that always have a long queue to get inside. A customer can simply book a table from the app and get the message when it is ready. It is very convenient for the customer as well as the restaurant. That is why HiMenus works excellently as a queue management software for your restaurant.

   Reminder Notifications

With HiMenus your customers never miss a reservation because we do not only send the confirmation messages to them but also have the service of sending a reminder text message on the day of reservation. It is very important for your restaurant as it will lessen the chances of people not showing up after reserving a table. The benefits of this feature are endless and it serves both parties equally.


HiMenus gives the customer many options to choose from concerning their location and cuisine preferences. We even provide the option of choosing the table in the customer’s desired section of the restaurant. For example, if your restaurant offers palm and beach views then your guests can choose a table closer to them. The possibilities are endless because you can get this feature customized according to your restaurant.

   Paid Reservation

As a restaurant owner, HiMenus gives you the option of adding a little reservation fee so that your customer will not cancel on time. This fee makes sure that your guests show up in a given time slot and respect the commitment and time of your restaurant. This feature will add credibility to your table reservations and our reservation management system lets you provide better service to all the customers.
HiMenus acts like a bridge between your restaurant and the customer and choosing us will prove to be the best decision for your business. Our restaurant reservation management thrives on quality service and by being our partners you get to experience the best features at the most competitive prices. We can provide an easy and innovative solution for your place to include technology and make your work align with the modern world. We provide the best reservation management so try us today for a better and smooth online reservation management experience for your restaurant as well as your customers.

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